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SERIAL ENTREPRENEUR THRILLERS – Precision racing the downside.

What is happening in the world of the Entrepreneur? Here we mostly share articles we find interestnig on the topic and try togive a little overview before you jump in, enjoy

Business titan Elon Musk is ok with Apple getting into the car business as he believes it is good for the overall industry. Since Tesla have made a the car more of  a gadget, no surprise gadget lovers are taking to cars traditionally the domain of petrol heads. The technology is most impressive as it sports capabilities to go automatic in driving after a certain amount of learning has taken place, what make this so interesting is the telemetry each Tesla accumulates on the roads it drives on, are uploaded and shared with other cars – Tesla cars are learning and teaching each other in essence,  nearly more than a million miles per day is being covered by Tesla now and climbing. 

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