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Content Management Systems (CMS)

Popular CMS Platforms at Dogdish!

Unleash Your Inner Word Wizard

Every pup deserves a comfy bed to call their own, and your website content needs a comfy home too! That’s where Content Management Systems (CMS) come in, and at Dogdish Technologies, we support a whole pack of popular platforms to fit your needs.

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Web Applications

Content Management System

Here are some of the amazing CMS doghouses we can help you build in:

WordPress: This platform is like the ultimate frisbee – versatile, fun, and loved by everyone! It’s perfect for any website, big or small. We’re WordPress whisperers, customizing and optimizing your site to be both beautiful and functional. Think drool-worthy design with the power to fetch new customers!

  • Drupal: Need a CMS that’s as strong as a Doberman Pinscher? Look no further than Drupal! It’s known for its security and can handle even the most complex websites. Our Drupal experts will help you unlock its full potential and build a website that’s secure enough to keep your secrets safe (like where you bury your favorite bone!).
  • Joomla: This open-source platform is as user-friendly as a puppy playtime. It’s perfect for those who want a simple yet powerful way to manage their website. We offer complete Joomla care, from design and development to ongoing maintenance, keeping your site looking fresh and running smoothly – no doggy digging required!
  • Shopify: Building an online store shouldn’t feel like running an obstacle course. Shopify is the user-friendly platform that makes e-commerce a breeze. We offer development, customization, and optimization services for Shopify, helping you create stunning online stores that convert visitors into loyal customers.

WooCommerce: Think of WooCommerce as the ultimate chew toy for WordPress websites. It turns your WordPress site into a full-fledged online store. We’re WooCommerce wizards, helping you build a shop that’s both functional and scalable, so your business can grow as fast as a playful puppy!

This is just a taste of the CMS playgrounds we offer at Dogdish Technologies. No matter which platform you choose, our team will be by your side, offering expert support to keep your website secure, efficient, and ready to fetch success!

So, ditch the stress and join the Dogdish pack. Let’s create a website that’s as unique and pawsome as your business!

Content Creation, Editing, and Publishing Tools

Unleash Your Inner Storyteller

Powerful Content Tools at Dogdish Technologies!

Every website needs a voice, a way to wag its tail and capture hearts. That’s where our amazing Content Management Systems (CMS) come in! We don’t just give you a comfy doghouse for your website content; we equip you with the coolest tools to create tail-wagging stories that will fetch results.

Hero Dogs of Dogdish Technologies

Web Applications

Content Management Systems

Here’s how our CMS empowers you to be a content creation rockstar:

  • No Tech Jargon Here! Our interfaces are as user-friendly as a belly rub.  Drag, drop, edit – it’s that easy! You don’t need to be a coding whiz to create stunning content that will make your audience stop and sit up and beg (for more!).

Editing Paw-sibilities are Endless!  Bold, italic, underline – we’ve got all the fancy formatting tools to make your content shine.  Think of it as putting a sparkly collar on your ideas!  And you can even add those pawsome pictures you have of your business – because let’s face it, visuals are the new drool-worthy treats for website visitors.

  • Oops! Did You Change Your Mind?  No worries! Our version control is like having a doggy time machine.  Made an edit you’re not sure about?  No problem!  Just hop back in doggy time and grab the perfect version.  Transparency and accountability – that’s our motto!
  • Teamwork Makes the Dream Work!  Got a pack of content creators?  Our workflow features are like having a designated treat dispenser for each team member.  Assign roles, set permissions – it’s like doggy bootcamp for content creation!  Collaboration is a breeze, and getting content published is faster than a squirrel chasing an acorn!

Hero Dogs of Dogdish Technologies

Web Applications

Content Management Systems

Schedule Your Content Like a Pro!  Planning is key!  Set your content to publish at the paw-fect time to maximize audience engagement.  Think of it as a personalized content calendar –  automated and ready to go!  No more scrambling at the last minute – you can relax and enjoy a good ear scratch while your content works its magic.

  • SEO? We Got You Covered!  Search engines love websites that speak their language.  Our built-in SEO tools are like doggy translators, helping your content get discovered by the right people.  Organic traffic? More like a constant stream of belly rubs for your website!

These are just a few of the amazing content creation tools you get with Dogdish Technologies’ CMS solutions.  We empower you to create high-quality content that resonates with your audience and drives business growth.  So, ditch the writer’s block and join the Dogdish pack!  Let’s create content that’s as irresistible and engaging as your favorite pup!

Website Design and Customization Options

No More Bland Kennels!

Design Your Dream Website with Dogdish Technologies!

Every pup deserves a house they can be proud of, a place that reflects their unique personality. Your website deserves the same! That’s where Dogdish Technologies comes in. We don’t just offer CMS solutions; we equip you with the tools to build a website that wags its tail and shouts your brand from the rooftops!

Hero Dogs of Dogdish Technologies

Web Applications

Content Management Systems

Here’s how our CMS unleashes your inner design dog:

  • Pre-Built Pawsome Templates: We have a library of beautiful website templates, all ready to be customized. Think of them as comfy pre-built doghouses –  perfect starting points to create a space that reflects your unique brand identity.  Just pick one and unleash your creativity!

Drag-and-Drop Design Magic!  Don’t worry if coding isn’t your thing. Our drag-and-drop website builder is like having a box of doggy chew toys for your website.  Move elements around, add new sections, and customise your layout – it’s easy and fun!  No coding required, just pure design playtime!

  • Mobile-Friendly: Every Park is Your Playground!  In today’s world, websites need to be ready to go walkies on any device.  Our CMS uses responsive design, which means your website will automatically adjust its size to fit perfectly on phones, tablets, and even the biggest desktop monitors.  No more zooming in and out –  just a seamless experience for all your visitors!

Hero Dogs of Dogdish Technologies

Web Applications

Content Management Systems

  • Advanced Customization: Unleash Your Inner Designer!  Feeling like a design pro?  We offer advanced tools for those who like to get their paws dirty.  CSS, HTML, and even custom JavaScript –  it’s all there for you to create a website that’s as unique as your favorite pup’s wag.

Accessibility for All!  Everyone deserves to enjoy your website, regardless of their abilities.  That’s why we build with accessibility in mind.  We include features like alt text for images, keyboard navigation support, and clear website structure –  making your website a welcoming space for all visitors!

  • See it Before You Believe It!  Don’t worry about launching a website that’s not quite ready for its close-up.  Our built-in preview and testing tools allow you to see exactly how your website will look and function across different devices and browsers before you make it live.  Think of it as a doggy fashion show –  make sure your website looks pawsome before it hits the web!

With Dogdish Technologies’ CMSs, you have everything you need to create a website that’s not just functional, but furbulous! It’ll be a website that reflects your brand, engages your audience, and leaves them howling with delight.  So, ditch the cookie-cutter website builders and join the Dogdish pack! Let’s create a website that’s as unique and unforgettable as your business!

Integration with Other Business Systems

No More Data Silos!

Unleash the Power of Integration with Dogdish Technologies!

Ever feel like your business data is trapped in separate kennels, barking at each other but never playing fetch together? That’s where data silos can really cramp your style. But fear not! Dogdish Technologies is here to help your data wag its tail and work together in harmony! Our Content Management Systems (CMS) are the ultimate pack leaders when it comes to integration.  

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Web Applications

Content Management Systems

They play nice with all sorts of other business systems, like:

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM):  Think of it as your doggy dating app!  Imagine your CMS fetching customer data from your CRM, so you can personalize your website content and make every visitor feel special.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP): This is like your business’s brain, keeping track of inventory and whatnot.  Our CMS can connect with your ERP system, so you can display real-time product availability on your website – no more showing out-of-stock treats

  • Marketing Automation Platforms:  These are the tools that help you send fancy emails and target your marketing efforts.  With our CMS by your side, you can automate tasks like sending abandoned cart emails or recommending similar products based on past purchases.  It’s like having a pack of marketing puppies working for you!

Here’s how our CMS makes data integration a walk in the park:

  • API Whispering:  Our CMS uses magic spells (well, APIs actually) to chat with other systems and exchange data.  It’s like teaching your dog to talk –  but way more useful!

Third-Party Treats:  Need to connect with a specific payment gateway or social media platform?  No problem!  Our CMS is super friendly with tons of third-party tools and extensions.  Think of it as having a doggy playdate with all your favorite apps!

  • Data on the Move:  Migrating data from an old system?  Our CMS has built-in tools to help you move your data smoothly, like a pack of puppies relocating to a bigger doghouse.  No data left behind!

Hero Dogs of Dogdish Technologies

Web Applications

Content Management Systems

  • Workflow Woof-tomation:  Tired of repetitive tasks?  Let our CMS automate them!  You can set up workflows for content approval, publishing, and distribution – freeing up your time for more important things, like belly rubs (or whatever important things CEOs do).

Real-Time Reporting:  Get instant insights from all your connected systems, all in one place.  It’s like having a doggy oracle giving you wise business advice based on real-time data

  • Custom Integration Collars:  Need something extra special?  Our developers can create custom integration solutions to connect even the most stubborn systems.  We’ll make sure all your data plays fetch together nicely!

By breaking down data silos and promoting seamless integration, Dogdish Technologies empowers your business to work smarter, not harder.  Improved efficiency, better decision-making, and a happy pack of data all working together – that’s the Dogdish difference!  So, ditch the data silos and join the Dogdish pack.  Let’s create a business ecosystem that’s as connected and successful as a pack of playful pups!

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