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Revenue Model

Wagging Your Way to Revenue

How Dogdish Technologies Makes Your Marketing Budget Fetch Results

Let’s talk filling your bowl with kibble, but not the kind your pup gets! At Dogdish Technologies, we’re all about building a revenue model for your online advertising that’s as strong and reliable as an American Bully. 

Here’s how we turn your marketing investment into a never-ending supply of tail-wags (and financial success!):

Hero Dogs of Dogdish Technologies

Online Advertising

Financial Plan

Fetching Service Fees

The bread and butter of our service is the fees we collect for all the hard work we put into your campaigns. 

This includes research, setting everything up, keeping things running smoothly, and managing your online advertising across all the best platforms – from Google and Facebook to LinkedIn and Twitter (and everywhere in between!).  Think of it as us being your loyal pup, working tirelessly to earn our treats (and by treats, we mean getting you the best results possible).

Performance Pays the Bills

Sometimes, just a service fee isn’t enough. That’s why we also offer performance-based pricing. 

This means we might take a percentage of your advertising spend, or a commission based on how well your campaigns do.  The more clicks, conversions, or wags (impressions) you get, the more we wag our metaphorical tails (and the fuller your financial bowl gets!).

Subscription Treats for Every Pup

Not all pups have the same needs, and neither do businesses! 

We offer subscription plans that are custom-tailored to fit your marketing goals.  These plans provide ongoing support, data analysis, and optimization – basically, everything you need to keep your campaigns running at peak performance.  Think of it as a monthly box of yummy treats (except instead of calories, you get marketing magic!).

Pawsome Packages for Every Budget

Every pup is unique, and so are your marketing needs.  That’s why we create customized advertising packages built just for you. 

These packages can include a mix of services, like crafting killer ads, targeting the perfect audience, tracking how well your campaigns are doing, and giving you reports that are easy to understand (no doggy language here!).

Building a Pack of Partners

We believe in the power of teamwork, just like a pack of pups working together!  That’s why we explore partnerships with other doggy-loving businesses. 

If you need help with things like website design, creating epic content, or even marketing automation, we can connect you with the perfect partners (Woof Dogdish!) and maybe even score some referral fees for playing matchmaker.

Educating You Like a Top Dog Trainer

The online advertising world moves faster than a squirrel on a sugar rush! 

That’s why we offer training programs and workshops to keep you up-to-date on all the latest trends, platform updates, and anything else that might help you sniff out success.  There might even be a small fee involved (to cover the chew toys used in the training exercises!), but the knowledge you gain is priceless.

    Remember, at Dogdish Technologies, we’re all about building a revenue model that’s flexible and adaptable, just like us!  We’ll constantly be evaluating and adjusting things to make sure they align with what’s happening in the market, what you need, and how we can keep delivering exceptional value.  Our goal? To make sure your marketing budget wags its tail all the way to the bank (and beyond!).

    Ready to ditch the confusing financial jargon and turn your marketing budget into a barking success story? Let Dogdish Technologies be your loyal partner. We’ll sniff out the perfect strategy, craft winning campaigns, and help you achieve long-lasting success!

    Cost Projections

    No More Mystery Meat

    Unveiling the Costs of Unleashing Your Marketing Mojo

    Ever sniff out a hidden treat, only to discover it’s a soggy kibble? Not on our watch! At Dogdish Technologies, we believe in complete transparency, especially when it comes to the cost of building your online advertising dream team. 

      Hero Dogs of Dogdish Technologies

      Online Advertising

      Financial Plan

      Here’s how we ensure every coin you spend works as hard as an American Bully pup on a fetch quest:

      Market Research

      Digging Up the Good Stuff

      Before we unleash the marketing magic, we need to do some digging.  Think of it as sniffing out the best fire hydrants in town (metaphorically speaking, of course). 

      We allocate resources for fancy market research tools and subscriptions to understand your ideal customer – their age, their interests, and what makes their tails wag.  Sometimes, we might even hire specialist sniffers (market research professionals) to get a deeper understanding of your competition and the latest online advertising trends.  But don’t worry, these sniffers won’t cost you an arm and a leg (unlike that expensive chew toy you accidentally bought).

      Platform Playground

      Picking the Perfect Spot

      There are a lot of dog parks out there, and some are better suited for a playful Bully pup than others.  The same goes for online advertising platforms! 

      We factor in subscription fees, ad spend, and any platform-specific costs associated with unleashing your brand on Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and beyond.  We might even invest in some extra tools to help us manage your campaigns like a pro, just like having a fancy water dish that keeps your pup cool all summer long.

      Campaign Chow Time

      Fueling Your Marketing Machine

      Now for the fun part – crafting the perfect ad!  This includes budgeting for graphic design, catchy copywriting, and even epic video production if that’s your thing. 

      Think of it as creating the most irresistible treats that will have your target audience begging for more.  We also factor in the cost of hiring skilled professionals (think dog trainers for your marketing strategy) who will develop a winning campaign plan, target the right audience, and choose the perfect keywords to get your brand noticed.

      Launch & Management

      Keeping Your Pup Playful

      Just like a pup needs constant attention, your campaigns need ongoing care. 

      We estimate operational expenses like salaries for our team members who will set up, monitor, and optimize your campaigns, ensuring they keep performing at peak awesomeness.  We might even invest in training programs to make sure our team stays on top of the latest trends, just like attending obedience school to keep your pup’s manners in check.

      Reporting & Analysis

      Decoding the Data Woof

      Ever wonder what your pup is thinking? We do too! 

      That’s why we factor in the time and resources needed to generate reports that are easy to understand, even if you’re not a data whiz.  Think of it as translating your pup’s barks into clear instructions – “more belly rubs!”  We might even hire data analysts (think doggy whisperers) who can interpret all the data and tell you exactly what’s working and what needs a little more training.

      Client Communication

      Keeping You in the Loop

      Communication is key, especially when it comes to building a strong client relationship. 

      We allocate resources for fancy communication tools and project management platforms to keep you updated on everything that’s happening with your campaigns.  We might even consider hiring client service professionals who will act like your personal account manager, always there to answer your questions and make sure you’re happy as a dog with a new bone.

        By carefully projecting costs across every stage of the online advertising journey, we ensure your budget is allocated effectively and delivers a positive return on investment (ROI).  We also understand that things can change, so we regularly review and adjust our cost projections to fit your evolving needs.  After all, a happy client is a loyal client, and that’s the kind of long-term relationship we strive for at Dogdish Technologies!

        Ready to ditch the financial mystery meat and unleash your marketing mojo with complete transparency? Let Dogdish Technologies be your loyal partner. We’ll sniff out the perfect strategy, craft winning campaigns, and help you achieve long-lasting success!

        Break-even Analysis

        Woof! There It Is

        Unmasking the Break-even Point for Tail-Wagging Success

        Every American Bully pup needs a good training plan before they can ace that obedience competition.  The same goes for your online advertising campaigns!  At Dogdish Technologies, we use a special trick called a “break-even analysis” to figure out exactly how many squirrels (conversions) your campaigns need to chase (and catch) to make everything a financial walk in the park.  

        Hero Dogs of Dogdish Technologies

        Online Advertising

        Financial Plan

        Here’s the lowdown:

        Fixed Costs

        The Kibble in the Bowl

        Every pup needs a steady supply of kibble, and every campaign has fixed costs that don’t change much. 

        This could be things like account management fees or the cost of crafting those killer ad designs.  We make sure to identify all these costs for each client, like placing a personalized food bowl for each furry friend.

        Variable Costs

        The Treats You Earn

        Some things depend on how well your pup performs, like those yummy treats you dole out for good behavior. 

        In the online advertising world, variable costs are things like the ad spend on platforms like Google Ads or Facebook.  The more campaigns you run and the better they perform, the more “treats” you earn (conversions!).  We calculate the average cost per campaign, just like figuring out how many treats each pup gets based on their training session.

        Contribution Margin

        The Leftovers After Playtime

        Imagine your pup devours all their kibble but leaves a few tasty treats uneaten. 

        That’s kind of like the contribution margin – it’s the money left over after you subtract the variable costs (treats) from the total revenue generated by your campaign.  The bigger the contribution margin, the more cash you have jingling in your pocket (to buy more treats, of course!).

        The Big Reveal

        The Break-even Point

        This is the moment your pup finally masters that “sit” command! 

        The break-even point tells you exactly how many campaigns you need to run, or how much revenue you need to generate, to cover all your costs (both fixed and variable) and start making a profit.  It’s like figuring out how many squirrels your pup needs to chase before they get a whole bag of their favorite treats.

        Using This Knowledge for Good

        Happy Clients, Happy Pups

        Knowing the break-even point helps us set realistic goals for your campaigns and figure out the best pricing structure. 

        This way, both you and Dogdish Technologies are wagging our tails (because everyone wins!).  We even share this information with you transparently, because at Dogdish, we believe in open communication and building strong partnerships.

          By conducting a client-specific break-even analysis, we can tailor our services to your unique financial goals, optimize resource allocation, and build a relationship built on trust and value delivery.  After all, a happy client is a loyal client, and that’s the kind of long-term friendship we strive for at Dogdish Technologies!

          Ready to ditch the financial confusion and chase down success with your online advertising campaigns? Let Dogdish Technologies be your loyal partner. We’ll sniff out the perfect strategy, craft winning campaigns, and help you achieve long-lasting success!

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