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Vendor Due Diligence Checklist

Vendor Information:

  • Vendor Name:
  • Vendor Contact Person:
  • Vendor Address:
  • Vendor Contact Information:

1. Background Information:

  • Is the vendor a registered entity?
  • Does the vendor have a physical presence?
  • How long has the vendor been in business?
  • Does the vendor have any subsidiaries or affiliates?

2. Data Protection Compliance:

  • Does the vendor comply with data protection laws and regulations, including POPIA?
  • Has the vendor undergone any data protection audits or assessments?
  • Does the vendor have a data protection officer or compliance team?
  • Does the vendor have any certifications or accreditations related to data protection?

3. Security Measures:

  • What security measures does the vendor have in place to protect personal information?
  • Does the vendor encrypt data during transmission and storage?
  • Does the vendor have access controls and authentication mechanisms in place?
  • Does the vendor conduct regular security audits and assessments?

4. Data Processing Activities:

  • What types of personal information does the vendor process?
  • What are the purposes for which the vendor processes personal information?
  • How does the vendor handle data subject requests and inquiries?
  • Does the vendor have any subcontractors or third-party service providers?

5. Data Breach Response:

  • Does the vendor have a data breach response plan in place?
  • How does the vendor notify clients or data controllers in the event of a data breach?
  • What measures does the vendor take to mitigate the impact of a data breach?
  • Has the vendor experienced any data breaches in the past? If so, how were they handled?

6. Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery:

  • Does the vendor have a business continuity plan in place?
  • How does the vendor ensure the availability and integrity of data?
  • Does the vendor have a disaster recovery plan for data recovery and restoration?

7. Contractual Obligations:

  • Are there any contractual provisions related to data protection and privacy?
  • Does the vendor agree to comply with the terms of the Data Processing Agreement?
  • Are there any indemnification clauses related to data breaches or non-compliance?

8. References and Reviews:

  • Can the vendor provide references from other clients or customers?
  • Are there any reviews or testimonials available for the vendor’s services?
  • Has the vendor received any awards or recognitions for data protection or security?

9. Additional Considerations:

  • Are there any other factors or considerations relevant to the vendor’s suitability?
  • Are there any red flags or concerns that need to be addressed before engaging with the vendor?
  • Are there any specific requirements or expectations that the vendor must meet?


Based on the information gathered from this checklist, assess whether the vendor meets the necessary criteria and standards for engaging in data processing activities. Make an informed decision about whether to proceed with the vendor relationship or explore alternative options.

This Vendor Due Diligence Checklist helps organizations evaluate potential vendors’ suitability and compliance with data protection laws and regulations, including POPIA, before engaging in data processing activities.

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