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Employee Confidentiality Agreement

Employee Information:

  • Employee Name:
  • Employee ID:
  • Department/Position:
  • Start Date:

Company Information:

  • Company Name:
  • Company Address:
  • Company Contact Information:

Confidentiality Obligations:

As an employee of [Company Name], I understand and agree to maintain the confidentiality of all sensitive and proprietary information belonging to the company. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  1. Data Protection: I will protect the confidentiality and integrity of personal data collected, processed, or stored by the company, in compliance with relevant privacy laws and regulations, including the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA).
  2. Intellectual Property: I will safeguard the company’s intellectual property, including trade secrets, patents, trademarks, copyrights, and proprietary information.
  3. Business Information: I will not disclose confidential business information, including financial data, strategic plans, client lists, pricing information, and marketing strategies, to unauthorized individuals or entities.
  4. Non-Disclosure: I will not disclose any confidential information obtained during my employment with the company to third parties without prior authorization from the company.

Duration of Agreement:

This confidentiality agreement shall remain in effect during the course of my employment with the company and for a period of [duration] following the termination of my employment.


I acknowledge that I have read and understand the terms of this confidentiality agreement. I agree to abide by its provisions and to take all necessary precautions to prevent unauthorized disclosure of confidential information.


[Employee Signature]

Date: _____________________

This Employee Confidentiality Agreement is designed to protect sensitive and proprietary information belonging to the company and ensure compliance with data protection laws and regulations.

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