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Phishing Simulation

  1. Phishing Email Templates:
    • “Password Reset Request: Urgent Action Required”
    • “Account Suspension: Verify Your Account Information”
    • “Security Alert: Unauthorized Access Detected”
    • “Package Delivery Notification: Click to Track Your Package”
    • “Tax Refund Notification: Claim Your Refund Now”
    • “Employee Survey: Win a Gift Card for Participation”
    • “Urgent Software Update: Download Now to Avoid Security Risks”
    • “Invoice Payment Reminder: Immediate Payment Required”
    • “Job Opportunity: Apply Now for Exciting Career Opportunities”
    • “COVID-19 Information Update: Stay Informed about Safety Measures”
  1. Phishing Website Templates:
    • “Fake Login Page: Mimics the Design of a Legitimate Login Portal (e.g., Office 365, Gmail)”
    • “Payment Portal: Phony Payment Gateway to Capture Credit Card Information”
    • “Phishing Survey: Collects Personal Information Under the Guise of a Survey”
    • “Fake Social Media Page: Spoofs Popular Social Media Platforms to Steal Credentials”
    • “Support Ticket System: Falsely Claims to Resolve Customer Issues to Obtain Account Information”
    • “Fake Banking Website: Requests Account Details for Fraudulent Transactions”
    • “Online Shopping Site: Tempts Users with Unrealistic Deals to Capture Payment Information”
    • “Phishing Lottery: Claims Users Have Won a Prize and Requests Personal Details for Claiming”
  1. Phishing SMS Templates:
    • “Urgent Message from Bank: Click the Link to Prevent Account Closure”
    • “Delivery Status Update: Click to Track Your Parcel and Confirm Delivery”
    • “Security Alert: Your Account Has Been Compromised, Click to Secure”
    • “COVID-19 Vaccination Appointment: Confirm Your Slot by Clicking Here”
    • “Tax Refund Notification: Click to Verify Your Refund Status”
    • “Job Offer: Reply with Your Details to Accept the Offer”
    • “Free Gift Card Offer: Text ‘CLAIM’ to Receive Your Reward”
    • “Suspicious Activity Detected: Respond with ‘YES’ to Verify Your Account”
  1. Phishing Phone Call Scripts:
    • “Tech Support Scam: Caller Pretends to Be from a Tech Company and Requests Remote Access to Your Device”
    • “IRS Scam: Caller Claims to Be from the IRS and Demands Immediate Payment of Back Taxes”
    • “Bank Account Verification: Caller Asks for Personal and Banking Information to “Verify” Your Account”
    • “Fake Prize Notification: Caller Claims You’ve Won a Prize and Requests Your Personal Details to Claim It”
    • “Job Offer Scam: Caller Offers a Job Opportunity and Requests Payment for Training Materials”

These phishing simulation templates cover a wide range of scenarios and techniques used by cybercriminals to trick individuals into divulging sensitive information or performing unauthorized actions. By regularly conducting phishing simulations using these templates, organizations can educate employees about the dangers of phishing and improve their ability to recognize and respond to phishing attempts effectively.

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