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Incident Analysis Report


The Incident Analysis Report Template is designed to help [Your Organization Name] analyze and document the details of an incident for internal review and improvement purposes. This template facilitates a structured approach to incident analysis, allowing for a thorough examination of the incident’s causes, impacts, and remediation measures.

Incident Details:

  1. Incident ID/Reference Number: [Unique Identifier]
  2. Date and Time of Incident: [Date/Time]
  3. Description of Incident: [Brief Description]
  4. Incident Severity Level: [Low/Medium/High/Critical]
  5. Affected Systems/Assets: [List of Systems/Assets Involved]
  6. Incident Response Team Members: [Names/Roles of Team Members Involved]

Root Cause Analysis:

  1. Primary Cause(s) of Incident: [Description]
  2. Contributing Factors: [Factors that Escalated the Incident]
  3. Root Cause Analysis Findings: [Analysis Findings]

Impact Assessment:

  1. Data/Asset Impact: [Description of Impact on Data/Assets]
  2. Operational Impact: [Description of Operational Disruption]
  3. Financial Impact: [Estimation of Financial Losses]

Remediation Actions Taken:

  1. Immediate Response Actions: [Actions Taken Immediately After Incident Discovery]
  2. Long-term Remediation Measures: [Steps Taken to Address Underlying Issues]

Lessons Learned:

  1. Key Takeaways: [Insights Gained from Incident Analysis]
  2. Recommendations for Improvement: [Proposed Actions to Prevent Similar Incidents in the Future]


The Incident Analysis Report serves as a valuable tool for [Your Organization Name] to learn from past incidents, improve incident response procedures, and strengthen overall cybersecurity posture. By conducting thorough incident analysis and implementing recommended improvements, we aim to minimize the impact of future incidents and better protect our data and assets.

You can customize this template by filling in the relevant information in each section, such as the incident ID, date and time of the incident, incident description, root cause analysis findings, impact assessment, remediation actions taken, lessons learned, and recommendations for improvement.

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