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POPIA Compliance Calendar


The POPIA Compliance Calendar is designed to help organizations manage and track their compliance activities under the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA). This calendar provides a structured approach to ensure that key compliance tasks are identified, assigned, and completed on time, thereby reducing the risk of non-compliance and potential penalties.

Calendar Overview:

  • Month/Quarter/Year: [Placeholder: Insert Month, Quarter, or Year]
  • Week Starting: [Placeholder: Insert Start Date of the Week]
  • Task/Activity: [Placeholder: Describe the Compliance Task or Activity]
  • Responsible Party: [Placeholder: Assign the Responsible Individual or Department]
  • Due Date: [Placeholder: Set the Deadline for Completion]
  • Status: [Placeholder: Track the Progress or Status of the Task]

Compliance Tasks:

  1. Data Mapping and Inventory:
    • Identify and document the types of personal information collected, processed, and stored.
    • Review data flows and storage locations to ensure compliance with POPIA requirements.
    • Responsible Party: [Placeholder: Name/Department]
    • Due Date: [Placeholder: Insert Deadline]
  2. Privacy Policy Review:
    • Review and update the organization’s privacy policy to align with POPIA requirements.
    • Ensure transparency regarding data processing activities and individuals’ rights.
    • Responsible Party: [Placeholder: Name/Department]
    • Due Date: [Placeholder: Insert Deadline]
  3. Consent Management:
    • Implement processes for obtaining valid consent for data processing activities.
    • Ensure consent forms are clear, accessible, and compliant with POPIA standards.
    • Responsible Party: [Placeholder: Name/Department]
    • Due Date: [Placeholder: Insert Deadline]
  4. Data Subject Rights Management:
    • Establish procedures for handling data subject access requests, rectification requests, and erasure requests.
    • Train staff on how to handle data subject rights requests in accordance with POPIA.
    • Responsible Party: [Placeholder: Name/Department]
    • Due Date: [Placeholder: Insert Deadline]

The POPIA Compliance Calendar serves as a valuable tool for organizations to stay organized and proactive in meeting their compliance obligations under POPIA. By diligently tracking compliance tasks and deadlines, organizations can demonstrate their commitment to protecting personal information and maintaining regulatory compliance.

This template can be customized to include specific compliance tasks, responsible parties, and due dates based on the organization’s requirements and compliance priorities. Regular updates and reviews of the compliance calendar will ensure that the organization remains on track towards achieving and maintaining POPIA compliance.

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