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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

What is SEO in nutshell?

SEO is a large aspect of Digital Marketing – not just being one of the key services of the Digital Marketing umbrella, but because it weaves the Digital Marketing services together and allows the monitoring of key performance indicators of all Digital Marketing efforts.

Search Engines are the most accurate in finding, locating and answering in today’s day and age. Making sure that your offering is well understood by Search Engines is fundamental to SEO and makes sure that your offering is accurately represented by Search Engines to people looking for exactly what you offer! Unfortunately Search Engines do not just magically find and understand your online presence, and SEO is very much about making sure Search Engines understand your online presence.

SEO functions to improve one’s visibility on search engine results pages—without paying for adverts.

.Three lesser known facts about SEO:

  1. E-Commerce sales from online channels are tracked by the likes of SEO reporting systems (free), resulting in a multitude of reports to the likes of your offering sales detailed by offering categories and in turn by online channels.

  2. Brand measurement is traditionally done on large corporations by specialist organizations at a premium, Search Engines have resulted in scales of economy where measurement of brands are now very granular across multiple offerings, locations and at a zero cost, in real time. SEO will measure your brand and offerings rankings by location.

  3. Paid advertising works well with SEO as SEO makes sure you are not overpaying for your paid advertising, and paid advertising boosts your SEO rankings bringing down your total Digital Marketing cost in the long term.

SEO is fundamentally step two in Digital Marketing after having created an online presence whether that be a website, mobile app or a listing on a social media platform or search engine or all of these.

SEO practices are rapidly being adopted in all aspects of Digital Marketing from Social Media, Marketing Automation, Paid Advertising, Conversational Marketing and Content Marketing due to SEO having an older history, maturity, best practices and due diligence. SEO directly affects and measures performances of Social Media, Marketing Automation, Paid Advertising, Conversational Marketing and Content Marketing to validate levels of not just singular efforts—but overall Digital Marketing’s progress, supply chain competitiveness and successes.

Of late, the successes of the optimizations introduced by SEO services is being increasingly adopted by other Digital Marketing services to avoid pricing bloat. Services such as Social Media in large part emulate SEO’s development history, progress, best practices and reports now—due to the SEO leadership in the Digital Marketing space, in the future expect the SEO optimization standard to become general and herald in a new category of Digital Marketing, namely Digital Marketing Optimization (DMO).