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Customer Relationship Management CRM

Integrate marketing, sales, customer support to have a better hands on with not only customers, but effectiveness of campaigns and opportunities awaiting discovery.

There is a life stream of an organization like no other, it’s customers. While we have information on our customers stored in multiple locations like our accounting systems, email systems and so forth, we never really have a system dedicated to customer information oddly enough.

Now, before we start fetching systems and systems and making life complicated, lets first take a treat, and a pat and a quick moment to remind you of our methodology, we do not like duplication and try to always apply synchronization between different systems. That being said, we would not recommend the following without being able to guarantee a good fit, minimal duplication, and synchronization with existing systems, no overlapping the bowl.

If you have a need to profile and share customer information more efficiently within your organization, you may be ready for Customer Relationship Management (CRM). The concept very much speaks for itself, however it is rather visionary:

  • Integration with ECommerce: Salesforce and VTiger.
  • Records on all communications with customers can be kept on record, centralised… converged.
  • Customer information can be expanded upon, customised if you will.
  • Customer information can be added, updated and edited from multiple sources and devices, securely and with permission control.
  • Integrates with your website, customers even get a unique portal and get to help manage the information thereon.


CRM integrates with calendar, contacts, projects, quotes, invoicing, purchase orders… the list goes on.

Secure behind 128-256 bit encryption SSL.

Sales functions available on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, features like quoting and invoicing for a start and project management for those super big deals you don’t want to drop the ball on.

Customer information can be integrated with existing systems, for example:

  • Outlook.
  • Gmail, Android or Google Apps.
  • iPhone and iPad
  • Yahoo
  • And more


Costs of CRM are based on users annual fees and setup costs.

Our entry level package is good for 8 concurrent connections which consists of a setup cost as well as an annual hosting and support cost.

In the event that you have more than 8 concurrent connections on the average, performance will start to deteriorate. Should you need more resources allocated we will boost your pricing package good for more concurrent connections with no service deterioration.

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