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Our current focus is on Do-It-Yourself Marketing individuals and teams that have reached a sticking point, a plateau – or just overwhelmed with the ‘where to next?’. We help pick up the ball and keep the project managed and tracking, at a price that is right for you.

Not limited to DIY Marketers, we can do it from the ground up for you or take over a project that is not performing. In today’s day and age if you are not at least dabbling in your marketing – you are not unleashing your superpower! See us like that team of sleigh dogs to pull you through the winter snow to Santa where your gifts of business rewards await you!

Dogdish Technologies is a small creative and technical company specializing in realizing unique requirements of clients and bringing them to life through the digital marketing canvass. While boutique – our experiences span small, medium and large organizations alike however our unique value offering is our personalized collaboration and attention to detail. 

Our experience touches from owning outsourced customer care services for a Fortune 500 for over 15 years in the past, to proven track records not only with developing information and management systems, but also in developing operations in customer relationship management, marketing research, digital agency and web services. 

We have successfully grown customers and are familiar with taking clients through ISO audits, due diligence and acquisition. Fundamentally our offerings can be broken down into Digital Agency and Web Services.