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Cloud Integration services include infrastructure as a service

Why should I use the cloud?

Don’t waste time, automate backups, and get them automatically offsite in case of fire, lightning strikes, theft, power surges etc.It is more secure, period. No theft or power issues. No overpriced network, hardware and software babysitting required, get out of golden handshakes with brands and service providers, use open standards, only pay for resources you use, scale resource allocations up or down according to your business cycle’s needs, the bottom line is to spend only when, and where necessary.Technology develops so quickly, prices should come down, are your prices going up or down? This is the economical law of scales of economy, mass-market uptake. If your technology operational costs are staying the same, what more are you, or should you be getting? Technology is disruptive by nature, prices should improve over time.Historically speaking, the term ‘Cloud’ was first used in diagrams to hide distracting complexities. For example, when explaining a point, and trying to follow that point within a presentation, the outer details (noise if you will) were simply blanked out, and replaced with a cloud.

The concept of the cloud was first utilised in presentations, it was simply meant to hide complexity.

Today the Cloud is more a service offering of the new generation. Fundamentally a more evolved form of risk management of Information and Communication Technology infrastructures (ICT), comprising of two models:

  1. Deployment
  2. Service

The Deployment cloud model involves where the cloud is located as in external or internal namely;

  • Public
  • Private
  • Hybrid
  • Community

The Service cloud model is more to do with the responsibility structure of all involved in the running of the cloud solution:

  • Infrastructure as a Service – virtualization of hardware
  • Platform as a Service – you manage the software but no the infrastructure
  • Software as a Service – data management on an end to end solution

Which is the the best fit for your unique organization’s setup?

Contact us to schedule an appointment to receive and infrastructure audit from our systems architects.

What is Cloud Integration?

In the long term, Cloud infrastructure makes more financial sense. Transitions are necessary, you cannot simply overhaul your entire infrastructure and not impact operations. Integration is the method of analysis to identify the best method to integrate with the cloud in a sustainable way, so as not to impact existing operations.

Why use Dogdish Technologies?

The moment things get a byte too complicated and fuzzy in logic – we pledge to convey to you in layman’s terms the  complicated infrastructure, network and internet terminology to give you a secure and scalable knowledge foundation to build upon towards wherever you are headed.

Integration is a means to creating a smooth transition, efficiency and more insight into your organization and monitoring of your systems, improved financial accountability. Dogdish Technologies makes use of roadmap methodology, where your technology should take you. Our consultation service will provide you with a plan for effective execution, with monitoring tools to measurable results, and an architecture to remain agile and cost effective.

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