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Social Media Peformance to Brand Value

The top 20 brand leaders were scrutinized to by Socialgility with Google coming out on top across a variety of metrics however the interest for me was the underpinning of the Social Media Brand Performance and Brand Value and Brand Growth with a 95-99% degree of confidence. The findings showed the balance between Performance and Size/Growth to make sure a healthy balance was being maintained.

The infographic goes further to to explore five dimensions and the results of the top five brand performers namely: Popularity, Receptiveness, Interaction, Network Reach and Trust with Google trumping in three categories but not featuring in Receptiveness.

The aspect of confidence and arrogance was to me most interesting with Google falling short in having the largest disparity between popularity and receptiveness and IBM coming up trumps in that regard.

Channels are visualised with Disney’s engagement on Facebook leading and suprisingly Google topping the Twitter count.

Social Media Performance to Brand value
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